Once again, Poppy Cafe is ready to amaze their audiences and ensure a night of unforgettable music this Thursday October 20. So what’s on the menu this time around? As usual, an assortment of goodies guaranteed to satistfy all your musical desires, with the unfortunate side effect of making you want even more!

Lift-Off has an alternative sound that is both deep and energetic, like early Green Day with a hint of a heavier Metallica. Their appeal is indescribable, and will keep the audience moving and drawn to the stage.

Meanwhile, Quickness, with it’s combination of multi-talented musicians delivers a soulful Incubus-like sound with the heart and drive of Stone Temple Pilots. Their seamless melodies never tire of twisting and turning.

And just when you thought Rock n’ Roll may have died for good, Broadway Bullies comes along (likely sent from Rock n’ Roll heaven) to deliver fans of rock from the mundane sounds that have been plaguing the industry since true rock faded away years ago.

Then there’s the breezy, yet peppy and cool sounds of Marc Alexandre. With a sound all his own, but with undertones of Jack Johnson and the Killjoys, Alexandre creates thoughtful and deep melodies laced with positivity and warmth. Also joining the stage Thursday night are Leon Freddy of the Velvet Nudes as well as Poppy Cafe founder (and veteran of the stage) Lee Lindsey (who will be joined by Marc Andrie).

With a killer lineup, audience captivating artists and an incredible venue, there is no better place for Vancouver concert-goers and audiophiles to be, than Poppy Cafe this Thursday night.

Doors open at 7:30pm(Show 8:00pm)

Tickets $10 (12 at the door)

Age 19+

Located at Joe’s Apartment, 919 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Tickets or info please call us at 604 929 4293

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