Have you heard the new song “Beat of My Drum” by Nicola Roberts of UK uber-girl group Girls Aloud?  The first time I saw the video – which Universal Music Group has pulled from YouTube in the US (it’s still available in the UK) – I was like, “I’m not sure if I like this song or not…”  Then I watched it again, and decided that I loved it.  Diplo co-wrote and co-produced the song, and that gave it an extra push into “love it” territory for me.  BOMD is such a bizarre little pop song, but it makes my head nod, and really that’s about all I can ask for from a song these days.  (Ed. Note: As we can’t direct you to YouTube to check out the video, guess we’ll have to settle for Perez. *sigh* Thanks, UMG.)



Since this is a cover artists post, guess we should include a cover.  Here we have Becky from somewhere in the UK singing her acoustic version of “Beat of My Drum”.  She slows it down and shows her strong vocals on a cover that doesn’t really sound like a cover.  What I especially like is all the nice comments about her voice and how she could make the song even better.  People can actually be nice on YouTube.  Who knew?

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