Denim has been around for quite some time now. Almost every single American owns a pair of jeans. Whether they are baggy, skinny, boot cut, or low rise, we all have a favorite. There have been so many changes with the way denim is made that it seems at some point it started to get out of control (bell bottoms, acid wash, extra baggy, etc). Jeans are one of those things that if you don’t have a good pair then they just don’t work out too well. Either the butt of the pants wear funny making you look like you have on a pair of your father’s jeans, or they are so tight that they look like they should be worn by your girlfriend (assuming that you have one). With the majority of companies having all these different kind of fits, cuts, and shades it can be hard to figure out what fit is a good fit for you, but hopefully I have found the answer. Throughout years of searching for the perfect pair of jeans for myself, I feel I have finally come across what I believe to be the “perfect fit”. This soon-to-be-legendary perfect fit is known as the “Slim fit straight leg”. This particular fit looks good on anyone and also gives you a “slimmed down” look that is flattering to almost any body type, but not “super skinny” that a lot of hipsters tend to wear. If you are wondering which brands are recommended for this, here are my top three picks.

-Levis 514: Not too baggy but not too tight. Sits nice on the waist and has enough room for comfort. Price $54.99
-Gap 1969: A great pair of jeans (I actually own four pairs) that feel amazing and can stand a fair amount of abuse. Also they are not too expensive (which is always a plus). Price $59.95
-Calvin Klein (low rise slim fit): A great pair of designer jeans that wont break your wallet. Nice and conservative, but add a slight looseness in case you are trying to avoid the “hipster look”. Price $69.50

So to all you guys out there looking for that next pair of favorite jeans, I suggest checking out the Slim fit style. Of course these three recommended brands are what worked for me, but just keep a look out for what may work for you, and remember…. Keep it simple. Happy hunting.

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